Groundburst is an instrumental rock trio from Dublin. Their music combines complex rhythms with lyrical melodies and unusual concepts and draws upon elements of funk, jazz, soundtrack and electronic music.
Groundburst’s Triad ep was released on September 4th 2017 by Out is Within Records. Triad focuses on the rhythmic and textural elements of their sound. The release is available for purchase via bandcamp here.
“The triad, the first odd number, is called perfect by some, because it is the first number to signify the totality — beginning, middle and end”

– Iamblichus

Groundburst’s live show offers a ferocious rhythmical assault that at any given moment is equally likely to dissolve into full on noise chaos or open up into blissfully melodic vistas – Hot Press

Uncompromising guitar chugs and in-your-face attitude….The band obviously knows how to translate its ideas to the recording studio and it shows. 5 stars – Djent Mag

The melodies are complex, yet refreshingly accessible, due to the nature of the arrangements… I particularly love the contrast between the distorted electric guitars and the mellow electric piano tones – The Siren Sound

Groundburst’s music crosses the lines between Jazz-Rock Fusion, Progressive Rock Fusion and Mathrock….. an enjoyable record from beginning to end – ProGGnosis

Extemporised maths-jazz which keeps the listener on their toes – Indie Bands Blog